The 1%

by: Stratford Group Ltd.

I respect people who are highly self aware.  I am blessed to be working with a number of colleagues like this. They  constantly look for ways to improve themselves, their businesses and their interactions with others. Life for them is a journey of improvement and it is very satisfying to be along for the ride.

One of my friends lives by the rule of 1%.  In everything he does, after doing his best, he goes just 1% further. This means always making the effort to do the right things and to do things right. Striving for perfection. Being thoughtful and extending yourself for the benefit of others. Giving just that little bit more in all things.

The magic in this philosophy is that the results are cumulative. A life lived with 1% more passion and attention to detail in every action, every day, adds up to be enormously more impactful. When your 1% actions then serve as a model to others who also strive to be a little better, the effect is amplified throughout the workplace, the community or across society. A little more from everyone, over time, leads to a whole lot of positive outcome. It’s a small individual investment for enormous overall benefit.

So, that would be my wish for the New Year – that everyone puts just 1% more into everything they do. Their work. Their relationships. Their community. Their causes. Their own well being.

Imagine the impact we will all have together!

(And, if you’re more self-interested, consider that many of the 1% may have got there by living the rule of 1%)

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