Kinaxis Charts a Sustainable Growth Strategy to Continue its Rapid Growth and Support its Ongoing Innovative Practices

Kinaxis is founded and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with origins dating back to 1984. Its most well-known product, which has evolved to support today's RapidResponse® applications, was first introduced in 1995 and now represents one of the fastest growing and most innovative Supply Chain Planning Systems of Record in the marketplace.

Through coaching, consulting and interim Product Officer services, Stratford worked with key team members across the company to develop a strategic plan that rallied the company around an approach to continue its rapid growth and out-innovate the competition.

“The proactive advice and network Stratford brings to the table helped us to identify where we can break down silos and improve our organizational effectiveness creating an environment to accelerate innovation and improve customer experience.”

Gelu Ticala, VP R&D

Like most rapidly-growing organizations, Kinaxis was experiencing growing pains and needed external guidance on re-setting its product R&D, product management and strategic paths

In 2018 Kinaxis was enjoying impressive market awareness and revenue growth; despite this, it was under enormous pressure to further accelerate growth – and cracks were beginning to show from this pressure. In R&D, the pace of innovation slowed and new product quality issues were observed. In product management, alignment on investment priorities was difficult to achieve and an over-commitment of the portfolio had created frustration. Employee shareholders wanted to understand the company’s future direction and the senior executive team needed alignment to execute a consistent path forward.

Kinaxis retained Stratford to guide them in taking prompt, concrete action to chart and execute a course for sustainable growth

Over three months of working with the CEO, the head of R&D, the head of Product Management and key staff members, Stratford:

  • Developed a plan to address R&D innovation, efficiency and quality
  • Aligned investment priorities amongst the teams and established management rhythms to ensure continued alignment by the executive team regarding product investment and process
  • Implemented a gated product process based on industry standards and tailored to Kinaxis’ unique circumstances
  • Reorganized R&D and other areas of the organization