Leadership Development for superheroes, fantastic beasts, dinosaurs of the 21st century, and galaxies undiscovered

Cinesite is an award-winning digital entertainment studio with over 25 years of experience and work on hundreds of film, TV and streaming productions. Their visual effects and animation teams breathe life into filmmakers’ visions. With staffing needs that ebb and flow with production schedules, the team at Cinesite needs to be able to scale quickly and efficiently. Continually integrating new managers and employees from a small, highly skilled and industry-specific talent pool is mission critical to their success. Partnering with Stratford Managers, Cinesite adopts a customized leadership program to increase the confidence and capabilities of their leaders to engage and empower their team members.


Increase gained in leaders confidence to meet the requirements of their role


Increase in competencies supporting leadership habits

“To support a dynamic company like ours, leaders have to be confident and capable to engage team members right away. Stratford’s leadership development approach enabled our leaders to learn, practice and reflect on their impact as leaders. I would recommend them to any team looking to develop, or strengthen, the effectiveness of their leaders.”

Ashley Ayetut, Manager HR

Cinesite looks to strengthen their consistency in leadership and improve coaching conversations

In order to improve the consistency in leadership, Cinesite recognized that having an adaptable but dependable approach to engaging employees in coaching conversations was needed. They wanted to work with a partner who could flex their development approach to ensure that Cinesite leaders acquired the necessary habits and were supported as they learned to demonstrate their new skills every day.

Stratford implements customized blended learning program, Leadership Foundations, for Cinesite

Partnering with Cinesite, Stratford created a 3-month program that focused on building key leadership habits through a blended learning approach that comprised of workshops, coaching and micro-learning. The multi-month program truly embedded the new leadership approach into the organization and delivered promising results:

  • Cinesite leaders reported an increase in their confidence to meet the requirements of their role by 20%
  • All of the competencies supporting the leadership habits that made up Cinesite's Leadership Foundations program improved over the span of the program, up to a 14% increase
  • Cinesite Leadership Foundations program alumni are continuing to work together to support their ongoing development and the development of the team

As a result of this work, Cinesite has created a strong leadership program that supports their scaling needs and equips their leaders to build stronger teams.