Creating Content

by: Doug Michaelides

I’ve written about how budget constraints often undercut the success of sustained marketing campaigns.  Another frequent cause is inability to create content.  Many a marketer has moaned about the challenge of sourcing sufficient quality content from their organization to produce whitepapers, blog posts, tweets, webinars, presentations, case studies, newsletters, editorial articles, press releases, brochures, datasheets, etc.

The key to sustaining marketing communications campaigns (which we all know is the only way to generate results over time) is to create a rhythm in the creation of content.  Why not make this a marketing New Year’s resolution?  Here are some suggestions how: 

  • Identify content primes (as many subject matter experts as you can find)
  • Create a regular schedule for delivery of content (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and designate someone to follow-up
  • Provide them with ideas and examples of the content you desire
  • Don’t ask for finished product . . . point-form is fine!
  • Consider outsourced assistance to help with writing, design and formatting (“I can’t write” is the number one reason given by subject matter experts for not creating content)
  • Offer to record audio or video interviews if your subject matter experts prefer
  • Use interviews – they are great for getting content from reluctant contributors
  • Repurpose relentlessly (whitepapers become editorials become newsletters become blog posts and website content)

Valuable content is the marketing “honey” that attracts prospects to your campaigns.  With a well established content creation rhythm, you’ll be able to create the kind of “buzz” your company deserves. 

And for all you brilliant but reluctant subject matter experts out there, give a marketer a break in 2011. Resolve to write a few pieces of content.  You may find that you’re better at it than you think!

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