Creating A Robust Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

by: Stratford Group Ltd.

Modern businesses reach their customers through multiple channels. The omnichannel nature of modern business interactions means companies need to think beyond customer service. They need to concentrate on creating a coherent experience from start to finish. Companies are shifting their attention to the concept of Customer Experience (CX), which provides a more holistic way to interact and provide products and services to customers.

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Companies are struggling to rise above the noise of today’s overcrowded traditional and social media channels. They are trying to make their brands recognizable and memorable. However, the value of a brand is established through the perceived quality of interactions and companies are learning the ins and outs of managing the perception of their brands.

Organizations can no longer rely on siloes of advertising, sales and customer service – digital media has mashed everything together. A customer might see a TV ad, visit a website, buy a product, request a maintenance, write a review and repeat the process multiple times in the span of a short period. Companies want the whole pipeline to feel like a singular and high-quality experience of the brand.
In a CX-centric approach, they design all of the channels with an understanding and awareness of how their customers interact with every touch-point of the system.

Benefits of a CX-centric Approach to Business

Companies are investing time and money in a CX-centric approach for good reason and are finding it can improve their businesses on multiple fronts:

Stratford Managers CX Approach Benefits

Your Customer Experience Strategy

Creating a great customer experience needs planning and effort. It’s important to analyze the requirements of your particular business and understand all the touch points to develop a robust strategy.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Manage Your Brand Identity: Understand the perception of your brand through regularly gauging what the market is saying about your products and services. Reviews and social media are valuable resources to find out about your brand image.
  • Ask Your Customers: You don’t always have to guess the needs of your customers. You can directly engage them through surveys or real-time events to understand what they want from you. This knowledge can help you create better products and services.
  • Ensure Timely Customer Service: Consumers value companies that respond and resolve issues in a timely manner and customer service is still an important part of the customer experience. Maintaining a well-trained customer service team is mandatory for every business. 

A robust CX-centric approach to business requires understanding and planning. Companies need to invest time and money to create exceptional customer experience pipelines that will create value for consumers. The investment will pay off in higher customer conversions, better customer retentions, reduced costs and long-term business growth.

Steve Johnston is an entrepreneur with strong experience leading organizations providing digital transformation services, understanding business models and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions in line with companies objectives. Steve speaks both Business and Technology languages. He believes in an uncompromising focus on high-quality customer experience and bottom-line profit improvements. Steve excels at turning under-producing businesses into companies that work efficiently and helps them build the foundation for their growth phase. If you want to discuss the advantages of implementing a strong customer experience (CX) in your company, contact Steve.

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