Do You Follow Through on Your Swing?

This article was published more than 1 year ago. Some information may no longer be current.

I am fortunate enough to live overlooking a golf course. One morning this summer I grabbed a coffee and watched from my deck as a number of players teed-off at the 5th hole. It was both entertaining and illuminating.

Some managed to hit good shots; some not so good. Some hit straight; some not so straight. After a while, I began to notice how few people actually followed through all the way on their swing. Everyone knows they should – it’s one of the basics of golf – but not everyone did it.  It is the difference between just playing and really being committed.

This got me thinking about taking actions and making commitments, and I wondered how well people follow through on all the “commitments” they make at work and in their personal lives. Sadly, particularly at work, many people don’t do a very good job. Of course there are reasons for not meeting your commitments (yes, there are always good reasons!).

In Sales, for instance, here are some of the many entries in the “Book of Excuses”:

  • It’s no longer a priority
  • I want to spend my time on more productive efforts
  • I don’t really think this action will be successful
  • I just have too many things to do
  • Damn, I forgot!
  • I was never really totally bought-in to this action in the first place

There are many highly creative chapters in this book. Have a listen and see how many times in a day you hear someone (perhaps even yourself) quoting from it.

In Sales, as in life, you have to decide whether you’re just playing or are really committed.  Are you one of the few people known for following through, every time, on their commitments, or are you ready at a moment’s notice with your own copy of the “Book of Excuses”?  Maybe there’s even an app for that on your iPhone . . .

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