IP Strategy Experts

IP Strategy Experts

Virtual Intellectual Property Management (VIPM™)

Intellectual Property Management


Your Team of IP Strategy Experts

Improve the way you develop, protect and monetize your entire IP portfolio – including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, design patents and copyrights.

Our passion is innovation. When you call on us to design and execute your IP strategy or to manage your IP portfolio, you get access to a unique blend of IP and business expertise. Our team of IP strategy experts includes certified patent agents and strategic advisors experienced in every aspect of the IP lifecycle. We lean in to foster a culture of innovation in your organization and optimize your IP portfolio to reduce risk and increase ROI.

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Offering you peace of mind when it comes to IP protection

We’re focused on providing innovators like you with strategic and hands-on intellectual property support that’s in line with your business objectives. It’s not just about filing patents – it’s about providing you with a virtual IP management service to help you:

Achieve your maximum valuation

VIPM will align your IP strategy with your organization’s objectives to help you achieve maximum valuation and leverage IP assets.

Close financings or acquisitions

With VIPM your IP portfolio is always ready for due diligence scrutiny or for reporting to boards and investors.

Mitigate risks

VIPM provides you with proactive IP protection that reduces your risk of litigation, loss of funding and opportunities. 

Save time, money and resources

VIPM gives you quick and easy access to the information you need when you need it. No stress and hassle of file and data management.

We started working with Stratford IP in 2018. Right from day-one, they brought business sense to our use of intellectual property. They are pragmatic and focused on delivering and creating value for our organization. With their VIPM service, we no longer have to worry about our IP. We know we have a good IP strategy and it is proactively implemented to provide us with better protection and value at predictable cost.
Simon Chaput
CEO, Founder Boreas


Acting as your virtual in-house IP counsel, our team proactively tailors, documents, implements and executes an IP strategy specific to your business plan. 

We lead brainstorming sessions to extract new ideas and enhance existing ones, all with the aim of maximizing the value of your portfolio at the most efficient cost possible while ensuring all the innovative aspects of your products are protected. With this approach, we do the heavy lifting — freeing your busy executives so they can focus on other areas of the business.

The team has successfully drafted hundreds of patents worldwide in a wide variety of technical fields including high tech, biotech, cleantech, fintech and consumer goods just to name a few. The team is comprised of a combination of USPTO and CIPO patent and trademark agents and innovative strategic thinkers.

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IP strategy experts with experience in all steps of the IP life cycle.

IP Culture

IP Filing & Prosecution

IP Portfolio Management

Patent Analytics


Natalie Giroux


Call +1 (613) 818-1048

Jordan Pynn

Vice President, Intellectual Property

Call +1 (858) 519-2319

Myriam Davidson

Director of Engagement

Call +1 (819) 208-6281

Colin Gallant

IP Strategy

Call +1 (613) 796-4365

Elaine Johnson

IP Strategy

Call +1 (613) 851-8643

Doug MacLean

IP Strategy

Call +1 (613) 866-9031

Bill Mayo

IP Strategy

Call 416-258-6960

Kim Capiau

Trademarks & IP Analytics


Lisa Fader

IP Operations

Call +1 (613) 802-9138

Annette Abdali


Call +1 (613) 261-5634

Warren Gies

IP Practitioner


Julia Schmidt

IP Administration

Call 613-915-1053

Lindsay Harbers


Call +1 (613) 327-2465

Jean-François Joly



Lynnette Lakusta

IP Operations


Aviva Ovadia




Every CEO thinks for every investment – How can I get 80% of the value for 20% of the effort/cost. I think for IP, this is exactly the value proposition of Stratford Intellectual Property.
Martin Horne
CEO, LiveQoS (Aquired by Adaptiv 2019)

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