Keeping the M&A Conversation Going

January is always a great month for business morale. It seems to put wind in the sails of great plans and ideas as we embark on a new year full of possibilities. Here at Stratford we ended the year talking a lot about Mergers and Acquisitions:

In November, our annual Executive Perspectives Series focused on the topic Creating an M&A Playbook. There we got to talk with senior executives making of some of Ottawa’s hottest M&A deals. Panelists included: Dale Gantous, CEO, InGenius; Bruce Linton, Founder and former Chairman and CEO, Canopy Growth Corporation; Jacqueline Gauthier, Senior VP Corporate Development, Calian; and Carlos Meza, CEO, Kivuto.

In December, we were featured alongside long-time client Calian in an article in the Ottawa Business Journal “Stratford Managers’ & Calian Group: A winning team since 2010”. We’ve been fortunate to work alongside Calian to support the company’s growth and diversification strategy, specifically as it relates to M&A.

Now that we’re in January we figured why not keep the conversation going and share some of our resources for those looking to take on M&A in 2020.

M&A Playbook Checklist

This playbook will help you create your own custom M&A playbook. It covers the key “plays” that Stratford uses on every successful M&A from strategy and pre-qualification to due diligence and integration. Great tool for those wanting to make sure they’ll get the best ROI from their M&A activity.

Stratford Business Assessment Discovery

Before you embark on M&A, perhaps you’re best to understand the drivers of your current enterprise value. This short online and confidential assessment can easily identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Ideal and insightful for those organizations looking to be acquired.

Igniting Growth: Staging Your Company

A great blog post by CEO Advisor and M&A veteran Mike Pascoe on the various things a CEO should consider when getting their company ready for sale or investment.

Two Uncommon but Essential Ways to Grow Your Company

We often think of M&A activity as the purchasing of companies. This blog post by Stratford Intellectual Property Managing Director, Natalie Giroux shares an idea for growth through patent acquisition.

If M&A is a part of your corporate strategy in 2020 we hope you’ll find these resources helpful, insightful and thought provoking. We’ve got experience in all aspects of M&A so we’d be happy to have a conversation with you and answer any questions that you may have. Reach out to us at [email protected].