Meet Elaine Johnson, IP Strategist at Stratford Intellectual Property

As managers and executives at Stratford, we’ve led departments, divisions and whole organizations through growth and change. We have the “stars and scars” to offer meaningful, practical guidance or serve hands-on if that’s required.

Beyond our credentials, what sets us apart are the values we share and the ways we work. Every member of our team has a passion for giving back and helping organizations reach their goals. It’s why clients often tell us that when they met our people, they knew they wanted to do business with us.

To help you get to know us a little better, we sat down with some of our team members and interviewed them on everything from professional experience and obstacles to extracurricular activities and playlist recommendations. We thought you may appreciate seeing the personal side of our team through their shared personal insights, recommendations and hobbies.

We’d like to introduce you to Elaine Johnson, IP Strategist at Stratford Intellectual Property.

An interview with Elaine Johnson

📚 What are your favourite business books, podcasts, and blogs?

🌟 Who are you most influenced by?

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. She is a shining example that compassionate and empathetic leadership can lead to amazing results.

💡What is one piece of advice you find yourself constantly sharing with your clients?

A piece of advice I like to share with my clients is for them to see the full potential of their opportunities

👍 How do you add value to your clients?

I add value by alleviating the risk and leveraging the commercial value of my clients’ IP by providing strategic advice and protection for their inventions.

🦄 What do you think makes Stratford unique?

What makes Stratford unique is their ability to provide a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for a diverse range of clients.

😍 What is your favourite type of client engagement?

My favourite type of client engagements are those where I interact with clients who truly appreciate the advice we give and partner with us to create impactful outcomes.

Do you sit on any boards or volunteer?

My daughter and I run a custom cake business and all of the profits go to supporting Help Lesotho – a charity committed to helping children and youth reach their potential in a context of gender equity and the alleviation of HIV/AIDS in Lesotho.

Additionally, I organize various fundraising events and knitting/crocheting circles to produce woollen squares for patients to assemble into blankets during their postpartum fistula recovery for the Hamlin Fistula Clinic.

I also volunteer for the Eastern Ontario PotCake Dog Rescue which liaises with various dog rescue centres in the US and the Caribbean to arrange for dogs to find their forever homes in Canada. This involves collecting dogs from airports, providing short term foster care for them and arranging eventual adoption.

🚴‍♀️ What are some of your favourite past times?

I enjoy downhill skiing and scuba diving!

📺 Any recommended movies or TV programs?

    • Matilda
    • Knight’s Tale
    • Breaking Bad
    • Game of Thrones

👩‍💻 Any recommendations on people to follow on their LinkedIn or Twitter accounts? 

Eddie Izzard: activist and tireless cheerleader for humanity;


She shows strength and determination in everything she does; always dances to her own tune and is an all-round funny person.

🚧 What’s one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome as it relates to your career?

It was very early in my career when I noticed the way women were treated in scientific R&D for the recognition of their contributions and opportunities for advancement. It has made me question the reliability of performance feedback and the extent to which this may be influenced by considerations other than the true contribution of the individual.

📣 Do you have any favourite quotes?

“I don’t need to know I just need to know that you know”

– Advice given to me when I became a manager.

Basically, a reminder to trust the people in your team and not micromanage them.

🤔 If there is one thing you hope your clients gain from working with you, what would you want it to be?

I hope to raise my clients’ understanding and awareness of the value that IP protection brings to their organization.


We look forward to introducing you to others here at Stratford and we’d love the chance to get to know you better too. If you’d like to connect with Elaine or other members of the Stratford team, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.


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