We’d like you to meet Mike D’Amico, President of People & Culture at Stratford

As managers and executives at Stratford, we’ve led departments, divisions and whole organizations through growth and change. We have the “stars and scars” to offer meaningful, practical guidance or serve hands-on if that’s required.

Beyond our credentials, what sets us apart are the values we share and the ways we work. Every member of our team has a passion for giving back and helping organizations reach their goals. It’s why clients often tell us that when they met our people, they knew they wanted to do business with us.

To help you get to know us a little better, we sat down with some of our team members and interviewed them on everything from professional experience and obstacles to extracurricular activities and playlist recommendations. We thought you may appreciate seeing the personal side of our team through their shared personal insights, recommendations and hobbies.

The next team member we’d like to introduce you to is Mike D’Amico, President of People & Culture at Stratford.

Mike D'Amico


Mike D’Amico


Time with Stratford:
8 years

Area of Expertise:
Human Resources

Canadian Medical Association, Kinaxis,
Canadian Blood Services, City of Cranbrook,
St. Michael’s Hospital,  Atomic Energy of
Canada, Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

🎵 What do you like to listen to while working?

Well, I am more of a heavy metal fan…therefore my recommendations may be better suited for the gym than for work.

Do you have any recommendations?

    • Metallica
    • Van Halen
    • Pearl Jam
    • Stone Temple Pilots
    • AC/DC
    • Soundgarden

📚 What are your favourite business books, podcasts, and blogs?

My favourite books provide business case studies. A couple I have enjoyed include:

I think to succeed in almost everything, comes down to being able to build trusting relationships which is why I also recommend:

🌟 Who are you most influenced by?

There are far too many people to list…. and the list gets added to daily.

However, it probably starts with my parents and how I was brought up. They had a heavy influence on the foundation I built for how I act.

    • Treat everyone with respect
    • Be trustworthy and always act with integrity
    • Do your best and don’t be afraid to make mistakes

📝What is one piece of advice you find yourself constantly sharing with your clients?

Always try to link every decision back to the business.

I have always believed the most impactful HR professionals are the ones that use a business lens to inform all their decision making.

🙋‍♂️How do you add value to your clients?

The one-size-fits-all solution is not going to give them optimal value. I add value by understanding their business, their challenges, knowing what is unique about their context is key. This personalized approach allows me to apply HR expertise in a way that will give them results with true added value.

👀 What do you think makes Stratford unique?

  1. Relationship Building: We try to establish an ongoing relationship with our clients and like to act as an extended part of their team.
  2. Knowledge Base & Resources: We have a great breadth of expertise and experience. If I am not the best person to dig down deep on something, I can bring in another member of the Stratford team who can.

🤝 What is your favourite type of client engagement?

Anything that adds strategic value. Knowing that I am adding value on something important is what I like to do.

Do you sit on any boards or volunteer?

I am currently on the Board of the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa. Previously, I was on the Board of BioTalent Canada and the Ottawa Region Rewards Association.

I have also volunteered my time to coach soccer for many years as my two daughters went through their youth playing days.

🚴‍♀️ What are some of your favourite past times?

The past times I enjoy the most often involve physical activity and quality time spent with my family.

During the winters you can find me in the gym or at the Ottawa Senators games as an NHL Off-ice Official tracking the game statistics. In the summertime you can find me outdoors, in the pool with my daughters or out biking with my wife.

I also lead a family & friends investment club as another enjoyable hobby!

🍿Any recommended movies or TV programs?

    • Animal Kingdom
    • Succession
    • True Detective
    • Better Call Saul

👩‍💻 Any recommendations on people to follow on their LinkedIn or Twitter accounts? 

My Twitter follows are related to my interests: sports, investing, business and news. I recommend people follow accounts that provide insights on their own personal interests!

⛰️ What’s one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome as it relates to your career?

Breaking into a new career path.

I made a complete career restart at the age of 27. For the first 5 years out of university I was a prison guard in Federal Penitentiaries and realized this was not going to be my long-term career. I then took an entry level role at Nortel and ramped up academically in the area of HR.

It proved to be worth it in the long run!

What GIF best describes you?

📣 Do you have any favourite quotes?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

– Wayne Gretzky (..and Michael Scott)

🤔 If there is one thing you hope your clients gain from working with you, what would you want it to be?

I hope they see the added-value I provide and feel that the investment they made bringing me in was worthwhile.


We look forward to introducing you to others here at Stratford and we’d love the chance to get to know you better too. If you’d like to connect with Mike or other members of the Stratford team, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.


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