Secret Business Growth Methodology

This article was published more than 1 year ago. Some information may no longer be current.

For my entire career, I have been growing companies at one level or another – that should be my tag line ‘I grow companies’. And how do I do that? Indeed, how does anyone grow a company?

I have the distinct advantage of working with a team of very experienced business people. At Stratford Managers, we attract superstars and then put them on companies’ teams to help them win. While at dinner recently, with a group of men and women whose profiles would grace any who’s who list, the topic of methodologies came up.

There are so many respected methodologies to go to; SPIN for sales, Lean for process improvement, ITL, Agile, PMBOK all proven methodologies that stack up with a host of others. Authors and consultants have had successful careers and made significant contributions by applying some really great methodologies. So which ones should you apply?

Of course, the answer to that question depends on the business circumstances and the sector you work in. I mention SPIN because I was raised in the sales arena and I found SPIN very useful to my progress. Perhaps in the manufacturing sector, Lean might be what you need.

At dinner we debated a bunch of different methodologies; the one that resonated most with me was – the 10,000 hours methodology, meaning the one customized through experience that works for your business.

In my career I have used different patented methodologies, I even have coloured belts in one or two, but when I am helping a company to grow, I don’t use an off the shelf ‘go-to’ methodology.

So, what’s my secret business growth methodology?

What I do is inspire leaders to execute on a vision. Some leaders that I have worked with may think they are following my vision; but that’s not true.

Here’s the secret: I inspire people to clarify and execute on their own vision. Maybe I give them the confidence and often I can lean in with experience, but ultimately, I inspire leaders to do what they want to do, not what I am telling them to do. That’s how I ‘grow companies’.


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