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Stratford Management Consulting

Your trusted partner and team of business advisors

Execute your strategy for growth, or scale your organization with an experienced value-focused and relationship-centric team.

Stratford enables and empowers leaders to strengthen and grow their businesses with better strategies, processes, technology and leadership. We work in the organization alongside its leaders and deliver customized solutions that realize value, achieve results, and build enduring capabilities.

Accelerate business results and defeat time by engaging with our management consulting team in any one of our service areas. 

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Develop and execute a strategic plan that guides and focuses your organization to achieve and sustain results

Execute Better Results

with Stratford's strategy development and implementation support
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Ensure you get the best outcome possible with a structured, phased and planned approach to your M&A

Realize Better Value

with Stratford's merger and acquisition advisory and support
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Develop and implement value-based, business-driven technology solutions that achieve results and build enduring capabilities

Create Better Experiences

with Stratford's IT strategy and implementation services
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Grow your company and equip your team with the people, processes and technology needed to scale

Build Better Growth

with Stratford's scale and operational support services
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Grow your impact and your leadership capacity to realize your business and development goals with maximum effectiveness

Impact Better Results

with Stratford's CEO advisory and support
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Set clear direction and manage your finance strategies and projects with seasoned expertise

Achieve Better Results

with Stratford's strategic finance services and support
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Grow your revenues with strategies that unleash your products’ full potential and maximize the return on your R&D investment

Reach Better Customers

with Stratford's Go-To-Market support and services
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Grow your impact and your influence to ensure the prosperity of your business and its leaders

Influence Better Results

with Stratford's board governance advisory and support
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Trusted and respected by leaders of growing organizations

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“Right from the beginning, the Stratford team expressed a desire to align with our goals. They balanced respect and professionalism with the confidence to challenge our assumptions and biases, including my own. The result was a stronger plan than I had expected, and a validation of our mission, vision and values.”

Why Stratford?

The teams we’ve helped grow and scale chose us because we’re…


Methodologies, templates & frameworks


Executives who've been in your shoes


Lean-in support to drive successful implementation

Relationship Centric

Extension of your team committed to realizing outcomes

Value focus

Focus on increasing and delivering business value

Our approach

Getting the right things in place
to scale your business

For over 10-years, we’ve been helping organizations grow, improve and transform. Our approach enables you to get the right things in place to scale your business and build enduring capabilities. We take the time to understand your needs, where you’re positioned and where you’d like to be. With that knowledge, we work with you to develop and implement realistic plans with the right solutions that deliver value.

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“When you engage Stratford, you gain a true consulting partner with an ability to objectively align to your project goals, all the while challenging you and your organization’s assumptions and/or biases, and you have an active listener in your process. In Stratford, you gain shared perspectives and an even more informed strategy and set of priorities, complete with a balanced, invested and respectful relationship that is punctuated by outstanding professionalism.”

Our Management Consulting Team

Grow your company and equip your team with the awareness, knowledge, skills and tools needed to scale. Our team brings a unique combination of strategic and operational experience across the full range of business disciplines to deliver the support you need. 

Colleen Kelley

Colleen Kelley

Call +1 (613) 294-3222

Rana Chreyh

Practice Leader, Stratford Management Consulting


Kim Butler

Senior Advisor

Call 613-297-2165

AJ Harris

Senior Advisor

Call (613) 203-3109

Chiranjeev Kar



Harry Page

Senior Advisor


Norm Paquette

CFO & Senior Advisor

Call +1 (613) 851-4222

Paul Senyshyn

Senior Advisor

Call 613-853-6138

Asiya Shams

Senior Consultant


Jim Roche


Call +1 (613) 851-4036

Rissella Weiss

Senior Consultant

Call 343-777-4112
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“Stratford brought in the knowledge and expert resources to practically assess and develop an operational IT plan for the next two years. They worked collaboratively with our team throughout the consultation and needs assessment. In addition, their people, process and technology approach provided us with an executable roadmap that has energized and excited the IT team and our internal partners.”
Tim Julien
Executive Director CFO & COO, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

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