Natalie Giroux

President, Intellectual Property

As President of Stratford Intellectual Property, Natalie leads a team of IP Strategy experts in delivering end-to-end IP strategy and implementation services which include a full service patent agency and IP consultancy to lean in as trusted strategic advisors.

A pragmatic achiever with extensive experience in the areas of strategic intellectual property management, network performance engineering  and technical due diligence, Natalie’s goal at Stratford Intellectual Property is to provide access to her expertise and the lessons learned from years in the industry. Natalie has helped innovators and companies with portfolios of all sizes find a strategy that not only maximizes their investment in IP but uses it to meet the end business goal.

Prior to founding the Intellectual Property practice at Stratford in 2009, Natalie held various senior positions at Newbridge Networks, Alcatel, Gridpoint Systems and Sky Capital, with contributions ranging from implementing of effective intellectual property strategies, managing patent litigations to providing vision and leadership to grow patent portfolios.

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