Time for Spring Cleaning!

This article was published more than 1 year ago. Some information may no longer be current.

The sun is definitely warming up!  The birds are singing and the excitement of Spring is in the air. We’ve made it through another winter…

The change of season is a great opportunity to do a little house cleaning.  Why not use the spare time created by a shorter than planned conference call or a cancelled lunch appointment to tidy up your desk and go through “the pile”?  You know, that famous pile of papers that has stacked up for weeks or months (maybe even years) that you always intended to “deal with later”.

Grab a cup of coffee, put on some energetic music and sort through it. Most of it will end up in the garbage, some of it will get filed, but maybe you’ll stumble across that great idea you had scribbled on a napkin, or an errant expense cheque, or a magazine article you saved because it was relevant to an issue you’ve been trying to solve.

With the advances in electronics, our physical piles of paper may not be as big as they once were, but we still have to deal with “virtual piles” – stashes of old non-acted upon or non-sorted emails – which may also contain some hidden gems.

As you sort through your piles, you’ll relive some of the recent history of your work life. This will help you review and reprioritize and may even stimulate you to look forward to new possibilities for your work and business.  There’s nothing like getting out of your daily rut, at least temporarily, to get you thinking….

So take this opportunity to go through all your physical and virtual piles and see how many great ideas never saw the light of day! Once the “pile” is gone and the dust is off your desk, you can take a deep breath and enjoy the light of the fine spring day too!

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