Trademark Strategy

Trademark Strategy

Your team of Trademark Experts

Build a trademark strategy that advances and protects your product lines while supporting your overall business objectives.

As an extension of your brand and identity, trademarks are vital assets in your intellectual property portfolio. A strong trademark strategy is intentional, pragmatic, and proactive, such that it enhances your brand value and helps you realize your business goals.

Our dedicated team of trademark agents works with you to build a strong trademark strategy and proactively manage your trademark portfolio.

 Drawing on our years of practical business experience and IP expertise, you’ll get the support you need to build and manage your trademark portfolio that aligns with business objectives and results. 

Trusted and respected by innovative companies of all sizes

"As a leader in customer experience and engagement, our brand's growth and protection are a business priority. We are working with the experienced Intellectual Property team at Stratford because they are well equipped to implement a comprehensive and cost-efficient trademark strategy that would align with our business objectives. In addition to filing and prosecuting our trademarks, they proactively monitor our trademarks and manage our whole IP portfolio. With their proactive approach, we are able to identify and take action against trademark infringements quickly. I would recommend them to anyone looking to increase their brand's value and effectiveness in the market."
Jordan Parsons
CEO, Benbria Corporation

Why Stratford?

Our team of agents have an impressive record converting intangible assets into valuable patents and trademarks.


Proven methodologies and strategies


Strategies that align with business strategy


Trademark agents with knowledge and experitse


Solutions from searching to prosecution to maintenance

Value realization

Fixed fee services to simplify budgeting

Trademark Strategy and Support at every stage of your Business Journey

The key to a good trademark strategy is to begin BEFORE your marketing activities to enhance their capabilities and protection through proper maintenance and management. A robust and well-protected trademark is part of your IP strategy and critical support to a sound business strategy. It offers value to many components of your overall brand identity and worth.


Your branding strategy and trademark strategy go hand-in-hand. We work with you to ensure your brand identity is well defined and protected!


Trademark registration/monitoring is a complex process. As a trusted partner we’ll help you secure and manage the ongoing protection of your mark in both domestic and foreign markets.

Product Launch

Before releasing and marketing new products and offerings make sure your bases are covered. Together we’ll ensure you have the information & protection you need to successfully launch!


You have had success with a product or offering and are looking to monetize it through licensing. We can help you hold on to valuable IP rights by evaluating and negotiating licensing deals.

Our Approach

Recognizable trademarks build a brand’s identity and have the ability to influence buying decisions and create goodwill. Stratford utilizes a structured, proactive, and planned approach to trademark protection to extract the most benefit from your IP assets.

Covering all stages of the trademark lifecycle, we ensure the indefinite protection of your brand identity and IP assets through proper trademark generation, protection and maintenance.

Trademark Solutions

Stratford offers a number of customized trademark services to build a holistic strategy for your brand and products.

  • Trademark strategy
  • Trademark registration/maintenance
  • Availability searching
  • Monitoring
  • Opposition procedures
  • Monetization
  • Marking recommendations
  • Foreign filing strategy
  • Expungement procedures
  • Domain name disputes
  • Counterfeit prevention measures

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