After 10 years in business, Napkyn Analytics shares secret sauce

Stratford SaaS customer experience and customer success specialist, Lauren Thibodeau talks with Stratford client Napkyn Analytics CEO Jim Cain and President Jennifer Batley in Techopia Live episode. Napkyn Analytics shares some of the best practices that have placed the firm on numerous fastest-growing companies lists over the past decade in business.

“Often times when organizations bring in senior consultants to help evolve their business the emphasis is exclusively on the bottom line, I think something we really need to point out here is that when you do good work but you’re not doing it as efficiently as you could because you need to get better, the people that pay for it are the staff. And so, one of the biggest intangible payouts of all the great work that we’ve gotten from Stratford is that we’ve created a better environment for awesome people to be awesome in terms of the work that they do. We’re obviously seeing impacts on the balance sheet and the growth and all those things but it’s also an even better place to work.”

– Jim Cain, CEO Napkyn Analytics

Stratford has had the opportunity to lean-in and support Napkyn Analytics across various services areas including: strategy and operations, human resources, finance, and customer success and customer experience.

You can read the story and watch the video on Ottawa Business Journal‘s Techopia site here: