Assent Compliance takes proactive approach to product training in support of hypergrowth

Lauren Thibodeau, SaaS Customer Experience and Business Strategy at Stratford Managers was recently featured in an OBJ article “Assent Compliance takes proactive approach to product training in support of hypergrowth” along side client Assent Compliance CEO Andrew Waitman. The article articulates the need for product training and forward looking strategic approaches when scaling and growing an organization at hyper speed.

“When you’re moving at such high speed, you have to be aware of rocks in the road sooner,” says Waitman. “As we looked ahead, we anticipated serving more customers with a richer set of product functionality. Because we’re innovating and adding value so quickly, it can sometimes be overlooked, so we knew we needed to scale our approach to product training.”

So, why did Waitman bring in industry expert Lauren from Stratford Managers?

“Bringing in a subject matter expert, like Lauren, can help you defeat time and rapidly grow in specific areas,” says Waitman. “Just like when building my leadership team, I was looking for someone with deep domain knowledge and industry experience relevant to the Assent context. Lauren was an excellent fit.”

Read the article to learn more about product training’s role in reducing churn and making a top line impact on your business. As Lauren explains in the article “Effective product training, when it’s part of a holistic learning and adoption strategy, is your insurance against churn”

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