Calian announces major acquisition

On February 22, Stratford client Calian announced it had pulled the trigger on its largest acquisition to date with the purchase of Toronto-based digital health-care and cybersecurity firm Dapasoft. The company’s infrastructure connects hospitals to the cloud and is used in more than 30 institutions across Canada, adding to Calian’s diversification strategy with services that span both health-care and technology.

In a recent feature in the Ottawa Business Journal, Calian CEO Kevin Ford spoke of how Dapasoft will add to the company’s growing portfolio, saying:

“What I like is we’re getting three very distinct assets that will now strengthen our IT services business. Now, we can take our IT segment and our health-care segment and talk to customers about full-scope health care requirements.”

For more information, view the original article in the Ottawa Business Journal.

Read Calian’s press release.

About Calian Group Ltd.

Calian employs over 3,000 people in its delivery of solutions for public and private sector customers in defence, communications, government, nuclear and space. Operating in North American and global markets, the Company offers diverse capabilities and expertise in health, training, technology, engineering, emergency management and cyber security. Calian has a presence across Canada and in Europe with manufacturing facility in Saskatoon and its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Stratford has worked with Calian Group Ltd. in the area of Business Operations and IP Strategy, and we value our continued business relationship.