Chad Holliday interviews Martello Technologies’ John Proctor for Techopia Live

John Proctor, the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing tech firms, Martello Technologies, was interviewed by Stratford Managers’ Chad Holliday, VP Product Consulting and Carlo Lombard for a recent Techopia Live episode on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 at KRP Properties.

John says the company has a strong, stable and well-known technology, and now it’s time to take the “challenging step” of scaling up on the public markets. Making the leap from high-potential to industry leader is never a guarantee, he says, but an IPO is necessary to get there.

Chad asked John what Martello’s value proposition is to help telecom companies going digital with rapidly increasing bandwidth demands.

“I think you’ve hit one of the key issues on the head, which is constant desire for bandwidth. We look at disruptive technologies like Netflix, demanding more and more bandwidth, Voice-over-IP, video conferencing, all demand bandwidth…customers with 50 GB contracts with providers but I doubt there’s 1000 GB pipe coming in.

“They’ve got to manage that intelligently and say which one of my clients needs that maximum bandwidth right now and who doesn’t and how do I prioritize traffic going through into my network so that there isn’t a business interruption or business noticing…so we can minimize those disruptions and our acquisition of Elfiq (Networks) plays directly into that,” John Proctor said.

Martello’s value is in helping these firms maintain their services in light of these demands – Elfiq’s solution adds remediation and troubleshooting capabilities to Martello’s existing detection services, helping these telcos stay online.

“I wouldn’t say we’re going to be a disruptive technology. I’d say we’re an enabler of these disruptive technologies, given the bandwidth they can get at.”

The Kanata startup has attracted significant attention in recent years, including a ranking of No. 48 on the 2017 Profit 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 1,552 per cent. Locally, the Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ) named Martello its fastest-growing company in 2015 and, more recently, named it one of the recipients of a 2017-18 Employees’ Choice Award.

To hear Martello Technologies thoughts about how bandwidth demands will affect connected cities in the near future, watch the complete 10-minute video interview via YouTube or visit the OBJ’s Techopia website for the Techopia Live Interview: CEO John Proctor explains Martello’s IPO opportunity.

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