Class is in Session – Stratford continues partnership with Carleton University with second Certificate in IP Strategy Course. 


NOVEMBER 19, 2021 – Stratford Intellectual Property is once again partnering with Carleton University to deliver course content on the value of a proper IP strategy.  

The Certificate in IP Strategy, aimed at executives and employees of small and medium sized enterprises, is a 12-week course covering all major forms of IP. Meeting once a week, each 3-hour module is created and delivered by one of the IP Experts at Stratford and provides attendees with actionable strategies on IP.  

The course aims to foster IP literacy amongst executives and their teams by addressing common IP issues and highlighting opportunities to increase business value through IPThe course will examine the IP implications of things like working with external researchers, using open-source software, departing employees and providing best practices for fostering a culture of innovation within organizations.  

The pilot offering launched in March of 2021, with several Kanata area organizations participating. Pleora CEO Anis Hanna said of his experience in the inaugural cohort, “Not only did it provide practical solutions that I have already started to utilize to improve Pleora’s IP strategy, but I was also able to learn a great deal through interaction with my fellow students. I highly recommend this course. 

 Of the chance to offer the course a second time, Stratford Intellectual Property President Natalie Giroux says, “We are excited to be back at the front of the class sharing our knowledge and passion for innovation. There is a real need in the community for IP education and we are delighted to have received such positive feedback from our first cohort. 

 At the end of the course, participants will have been given all the tools and insights to develop their own customized IP strategy to increase the value of their business. 

Of the partnership, Stratford CEO Jim Roche says, “This is such a wonderful opportunity to once again be partnering with our Hub350 neighbour Carleton University.  Natalie and her team have put together such a great resource with this course material. 

Kicking off in January, you can learn more about the course and secure your spohere.