Funding, self-confidence and getting results: An interview with Jim Short

Jim Short, a VP of Sales Consulting at Stratford Managers Corporation, was featured in a recent interview with The Leadership Group: ‘Jim Short on How Startups Can Access Funds, the Importance of Self-Confidence and a 3-Step Process to Improve Engagement and Results.’

He spoke with The Leadership Group’s President, Trevor Stevenson, providing his candid advice on pursuing government funding, what he wish he had known and his belief confidence is an essential ingredient to success.

[The Government of Canada] want Canadian success stories and they are genuinely supportive. Whether it’s through the Industrial Research Assistance Program or providing money to help develop the software, hardware, technology or funding marketing programs and sales programs that have an international reach. My best advice [for entrepreneurs] is to work with the Government of Canada’s Concierge Service, because they can genuinely help. They have a vested interest in your success.”

Stratford Managers Corporation provides access to services and expertise including Business Operations, Human Resources, Finance, GC+, Sales, Marketing and Intellectual Property for innovative small and mid-sized firms looking to break through to the next level.

Jim’s division helps these companies do everything from initially accessing available government programs and providing interim sales training through to helping them develop a national and international sales strategy, an appropriate compensation plan, and sales information systems. In other words, Jim provides everything these companies need to become effective in the market.

Nothing builds self-confidence like accomplishment. Confidence is such an important part of our development as people, and it’s such an important factor in success.”

Read Jim’s full interview with The Leadership Group’s President, Trevor Stevenson, online here:

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