IGNIS Innovation celebrates 18 years!

Today, October 19th, IGNIS Innovation, one of Stratford Managers’ longest tenured IP clients, celebrates 18 years in business.

“We are very proud of our client IGNIS innovations in reaching their 18th anniversary.” says Natalie Giroux, Business Lead Innovation Strategy. “We have been privileged to support IGNIS in implementing their IP strategy for almost 9 years now. They are a truly innovative company and will change the future of displays! Congratulations and here’s to many more years ahead.”

Stratford has been working with IGNIS for nine years and has developed a deep relationship. Peter Monsberger, CEO of IGNIS Innovation Inc. provided the following testimony on the services and relationship between the two organizations:

“IGNIS has worked closely with Stratford Managers over the last 9 years and appreciates greatly the relationship in place. As a small Canadian company based in Waterloo, Ontario, IGNIS has developed a sizeable Intellectual Property Portfolio. The key to our success has been the strength of our portfolio as our customers, who are also our competition, are the world’s largest display industry players. Ensuring our position in the market place when it comes to Intellectual Property management has been the role of Stratford Managers. Their depth of knowledge and ability to act as our “in house IP support” allows the team to focus more on the continued development of IP and our commercial success. Without Stratford’s support we would lose valuable time ensuring our IP strategy is executed as planned. In the world of IP it’s the smallest things that can trip you up and when you are focused on the end results, it is reassuring to have a knowledge team member who covers your back. For us the Stratford team are a key part of our success.”

The team at Stratford wishes IGNIS Innovations many more years of innovation, technology and business success.


Established in 2000, IGNIS Innovation Inc. was founded to further develop and commercialize the pioneering pixel circuit research for AMOLED backplanes begun at the University of Waterloo. Today the company is a leading intellectual property creator and technology developer in the emerging and fast growing Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display industry, part of the $100B flat panel display market.