Molding the Leaders of Ottawa’s Business Community

Stratford Managers was recently featured in the Ottawa Business Journal in an article “Molding the Leaders of Ottawa’s Business Community“. The article focused on the Stratford Leadership Development program Leadership For Success an eight-month blended learning program – which includes self-assessment, monthly in-person workshops, small group coaching and online lessons – to help participants dive deeper into the expectations of a leader and provide them with tools to better lead, motivate, delegate, coach, and communicate.

The article featured two participants of the program: Tracy King, VP Marketing at Martello and Rachel Deslaurier, Manager of Programs Outreach at Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

“The program helped me transition in my new role by giving me confidence in my team leadership abilities. It confirmed the intention behind the approaches I was taking,” says Deslauriers. “In addition, I’ve been able to share some of the tools I’ve learned with my team so that they too can become more effective leaders in their roles.”

In the article, Dean Fulford, Practice Lead for Stratford Leadership Development, remarked on the program and it’s success:

“We really think we are revolutionizing the approach to developing leaders. We are enabling participants in our program to personalize it,” says Dean Fulford, leadership development practice lead at Stratford Managers. “Rather than us telling everyone how they’ll behave at the end of the program, we coach people to create their own goal for the program and draw connections to that goal from all the learning that takes place. What is more motivating than taking measured steps toward what you have defined as success!”

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