Natalie Giroux joins panel for this month’s IAC Innovator Series Webinar: Looking for Investors

Tune in on March 25 at 3pm EST to hear Stratford Intellectual Property‘s Natalie Giroux speak as part of a panel of experts for the March edition of IAC’s Innovator Series webinars. This month’s topic is Looking for Investors? The Importance of an IP Strategy in Raising Capital.

Looking for Investors will explore questions surrounding raising money within the public and private sectors, how an IP strategy can influence valuation, investor’s perceptions of the chances of a company’s success, the IP financing landscape, IP due diligence, and how leveraging a robust IP portfolio can help companies achieve funding from investors.

Hosted by IAC co-founder Peter Cowan, Natalie will be joined by fellow experts Adam Froman, founder and CEO of Delvinia; and Lally Rementilla, Managing Partner, Intellectual Property Backed Financing at the Business Development Bank of Canada. Together, they will provide insight from their combined wealth of experience in private investment firms, public and bank investment firms, company ventures in raising capital, and how IP fits into the equation.

About the Panelists

Natalie Giroux has extensive experience in the areas of strategic intellectual property management, network performance engineering and technical due diligence. Prior to her role as Chief Scientist and IP strategist for Gridpoint Systems, she was a partner at Skypoint Capital where she provided support to the portfolio companies in the implementation effective intellectual property strategies along with managing patent litigations. Natalie also managed the Lucent vs Newbridge litigation and provided her technical knowledge and business insight and leadership skills vision and leadership to efficiently grow Newbridge’s valuable patent portfolio.

Lally Rementilla is a proud supporter of Canadian innovation and gains satisfaction from partnering with founders and management teams to help them scale. She currently oversees and provides strategic guidance to a national team at BDC that helps companies advance their growth or the commercialization of their innovation. With nearly two decades of experience as a financial executive in the technology sector, Lally moved to investment, and became the CFO and President & CEO of commercial lender Quantius. Lally built a diverse portfolio of knowledge-based companies and structured and launched the company’s main fund. Prior, she was VP of Finance and Administration at Nulogy Corporation, raising millions through institutional and private investors and leading contract negotiations with major global accounts. Lally is an Associate Fellow at Creative Destruction Lab and a member of Grand Challenges Canada’s investment committee. She previously served on other boards, as well as the former Canada Lead for the Billion Dollar Fund for Women.

Adam Froman is known as a visionary business leader who has grown his firm into a globally competitive group of companies over the course of the past two decades. Under Adam’s leadership, Delvinia has evolved from operating as a traditional digital consultancy to become an innovation company that invests in identifying ways to bring next-generation products, services, and businesses to market. In addition to guiding the growth of his organization, Adam is an active member of the Canadian Marketing Association and the MREF (Market Research Education Foundation). He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Council of Canadian Innovators, a business council exclusively focused on helping high-growth Canadian technology firms scale-up globally.