Number one challenge in driving digital performance: Building a common vision with organization-wide collaboration

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August 4, 2015 – Stratford Managers Corporation conducted a Digital Maturity AssessmentTM with over 75 professional and college sport teams and venues. Building a common vision with organization-wide collaboration is the number one challenge in driving digital performance according to the leaders in the Sports and Entertainment Industry.

The assessment which was conducted for the Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) conference held in San Francisco this past July 19-22, 2015, was completed by digital and technology leaders from the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, National Football League as well as college sports and venues. SEAT is the largest Sports and Entertainment technology conference held annually in the U.S. and Europe.

The survey demonstrated that:

  • The majority of the teams and venues have a strong digital strategy but only 13% said there is an enterprise digital vision, owned and communicated by the Executive team.
  • 69% say there is a high level of partner integration to improve customer service and fan experience but many teams (58%) are still struggling with platform integration and legacy systems.
  • The current inability to have a single view of the fan/ customer is as a key barrier to improved business performance for many organizations.

“Digital has become a significant driver for the bottom line in terms of cost savings and revenue uplift. Most of the teams and venues that took part in the assessment had a strong IT strategy and culture of innovation. However, one of the most important building blocks in driving performance is having a clear enterprise vision from which to build an integrated digital road map. Without this, initiatives will continue to be misaligned and resources will not be optimized,” explained Isabelle Perreault, Vice President Digital Transformation at Stratford, who conducted the assessment and spoke at the conference.

Senators, Sports and Entertainment was the first organization to benefit from the Digital Maturity Assessment back in December 2014. Cyril M. Leeder, President at the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club describes how the assessment has since helped the organization. “The Digital Maturity Assessment gave us actionable insight about our digital strengths and weaknesses and was a good catalyst to drive our integrated digital road map, aligning efforts across the organization. Now that Stratford has done many more assessments. It will be useful to benchmark our efforts against other peers in the Sports and Entertainment Industry.”

“It’s apparent that there is greater need for prioritisation and focus, rather than trying to race to be first to market and perhaps miss the bigger picture. As a digital leader, embedding digital throughout the organization is the biggest change that can be made to progress digital within organisations and leverage the tools at our disposal effectively, ” added Tom Halls, Head of Digital at the UK Lawn Tennis Association.

The Digital Maturity AssessmentTM is based on an in-depth survey evaluating an organization’s digital readiness against key factors that have been proven to drive performance. The digital maturity scorecardTM provides immediate insight into strengths and weaknesses across different parts of the business compared against industry standards and serves as a blue print for short term rapid gain and longer term performance.

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Highlights of the assessment are in the attached Fact Sheet.

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