Ottawa Board of Trade Welcomes New Board of Directors as it Launches New Strategic Plan

It’s a time of change at the Ottawa Board of Trade. And we couldn’t be more excited to join them in welcoming a new team to help them usher in a new strategic vision.

Congratulations to the Ottawa Board of Trade on the launch of its new strategic plan. After their AGM at the end of the September, the Ottawa Board of Trade is entering 2022 with a new Board of Directors and a clear Strategy Plan that will help them deliver on their promise to strengthen the voice of Ottawa businesses.

The meeting was also opportunity to review the work of the board and express deep appreciation to the members, volunteers, economic partners, and community leaders who have worked together so well this last year.

With 19 months of lessons learned from the pandemic behind them, this new strategy comes at a time of tremendous change, challenge and opportunity in our global community. It provides an impetus for the Ottawa business community to forge its own future in a new world.

We were delighted to be part of the team of business and community leaders who engaged with the OBoT to build the first strategic plan of the newly formed Ottawa Board of Trade, a consolidation of its former organizations dating back over 160 years ago.

We want to welcome the truly stellar line up of new Board Members who will work together to implement this plan that will help the Ottawa Board of Trade be a key advocate and economic partner that will drive Ottawa to a thriving world-class business community.

The Stratford team, led by Colleen Kelley, with support from Jim Roche, and Rissella Weiss, proposed a research and engagement process to ensure key areas of the plan were addressed and would positively influence the long-term success and sustainability of the organization. The process included interviews with 64 individuals to gather confidential feedback and insights about OBOT as it is now, and to discuss possible future directions for OBOT.

Of the guiding principle behind the strategic initiatives, the OBoT says, “We are committed to our role and responsibility as business advocate and economic partner. Our mission is to cultivate a thriving world class business community in Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital…We will UNITE, INFLUENCE and GROW.”

The project was a fun opportunity to collaborate with key members of the business community through which our Stratford team learned a great deal. We are excited to watch Ottawa reach its full potential to be the best city in the world through some of the key initiatives proposed in the new strategy.

Welcome. Congratulations. And Thank you to the outgoing Board Members for your contribution to the vision of Ottawa as a strong and united business community.


The Ottawa Board of Trade is a non-profit, non-partisan business association dedicated to community prosperity through advocacy, collaboration, and economic development. Since the beginning of COVID-19 we have advocated strongly for all businesses. Ottawa businesses are invited to join us as a member to be heard. We help entrepreneurs and owners to network for growth.

If you would like to read more about their ongoing initiatives and strategy for 2021/2022, read the full article on the OBJ website.