Seasoned CEO and high-tech leader offers objectivity and guidance to Ottawa CEOs

Mike Pascoe Joins Stratford Managers

Seasoned CEO and high-tech leader offers objectivity and guidance to Ottawa CEOs


Ottawa, ON, March 8, 2017- Stratford Managers Corporation, the management consulting firm that helps innovative organizations achieve their full potential, today announced that well-known high-tech leader Mike Pascoe has joined the firm as CEO, Interim Management and Advisory Services.

Over an impressive career, Mike has developed a deep and diverse set of technical, managerial and financial skills. As President of the US subsidiary of Newbridge Networks he helped lead one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most successful technology companies. He went on to run other leading public and private technology companies in California and Canada, including PairGain Technologies, which he sold for $3.2B, roughly ten times revenues.

“Mike is one of Canada’s top technology executives. His experiences building and scaling public and private companies are profound and invaluable. Throughout his career, Mike has navigated through good times and bad while helping develop his teams’ skills,” said Jim Roche, President and CEO of Stratford Managers. “I can speak first-hand to his abilities, business instincts and empathy. At Stratford, we are all about helping our clients achieve their goals. As a CEO, I know that having a mentor who has been in your shoes and understands the pressures you are under is one of the keys to success. I’m delighted that Mike can be that mentor to key clients.”

“One of the hard-won lessons I’ve learned as a CEO is recognizing the value of an unbiased, objective view and engaging advisors outside the management team” says Mike Pascoe, CEO, Interim Management and Advisory services at Stratford Managers. “As a member of Stratford Managers, I’m excited to be able to deliver value to fellow CEOs and organizations by providing objectivity, experience and insight to support better decision making and organizational success.”

Mike will be bringing his objective view to Ottawa CEO’s via Interim Management and Advisory Services to help ensure they make the best decisions possible and create the team environment most likely to succeed. Delivering the value of independent and objective analysis, Mike will be able to propel business growth and help organizations achieve scale.

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