Stratford adds to its growing team of CEO advisors

Press Release

Stratford Managers’ Team of Experienced CEOs
Help Organizations Scale and Take their Business to the Next Level

Made up of CEOs who have managed high-performing businesses, Stratford adds to its growing team of CEO advisors.

In a commitment to delivering strategic, experience-based coaching and advice, Stratford has added two impressive CEOs to their team: Marc Grandbois, an experienced CEO with over 30 years of experience in strategy and growing companies; and Mark Sutcliffe, an entrepreneur, coach, writer and broadcaster with several ties to the Ottawa business community.

Stratford Managers, a business consulting firm that helps organizations and their leaders, expanded its CEO advisory team to meet the growing demand for quality coaching, advisory, and support services for CEOs.

Led exclusively by CEOs, Stratford CEO advisors help organizations strengthen performance and sharpen decision-making, to improve cross-functional alignment and to realize business goals with maximum effectiveness. Organizations’ CEOs are supported by a trusted CEO advisory that understands the responsibility and the weight of running a successful organization and has the opportunity to lean in and provide objectivity and experience, in a confidential and action-driven engagement.

“I am thrilled that Marc Grandbois and Mark Sutcliffe have joined our team of CEO advisors at Stratford Managers,” said Jim Roche, President & CEO of Stratford Managers. ”Not only do they bring tremendous knowledge from their own experience as CEOs, they are also empathetic and compassionate leaders. They understand the challenges CEOs and executive teams face as well as the unique circumstances faced by companies of different size and type. They will provide our clients with an objective perspective and a nuanced understanding of what’s needed to get results.”

Mark Sutcliffe and Marc Grandbois join our current team of advisors Jim Roche and Mike Pascoe, both highly engaging CEOs with deep roots in the Ottawa technology sector.

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