Stratford Charity sponsorship – Restore Method of Care Canada

This fall, Stratford was overjoyed to have sponsored the community charity Restore Method of Care Canada in their Golf Fundraiser.  The contribution was $1,800.

About Restore Method of Care Canada 

Restore Method of Care Canada (RMOCC) is a community charity that helps people of all ages, colours, genders, religion, ethnicity, country of origin, economic status and political views who are suffering from Distress return to a sustainable life.

> Distress is anything that is causing someone to be less than sustainable in their lives. It could be due to mental illness, addictions, loss of job, marital strife, criminal charges, age, etc. It is anything that the person has been unable to overcome on their own or with available family and community resources.

Restore has helped over 1,000 people and families since inception 8 years ago.  Approximately 650 of the 1,000 are enjoying fully sustainable lives, about 100 are in process and about 200 have been unable to make the changes and have remained in a distressed state.  For those doing the math that leaves about 50 people who are truly thriving and reaching unimaginable heights in their lives.

There are many resources in the community and our care planners work to stitch together a combination of services to ensure success.  For example an alcoholic father may need a year-long residential rehab program to successfully overcome his addition.  However, to make that possible the family has to have the resources to survive in that year.  The Care Planner may work with the employer to set up a long term disability to support the family, finds functional education for the wife to earn income and finds a counselor to help the family with the emotional recovery that is critical for the family to succeed together.  This can be complex and the barriers to entry for each component overwhelming for the person in distress.  The Care Planner walks with the family and advocates to overcome barriers.

Restore offers a hand up versus a hand out.  The model is based on a multiplier effect.  A care plan that costs $1,000 often leverages $60,000 or more in community programs and resources and turns existing programs (that often fail as a stand-alone service) into a successful holistic solution.

Thank you to everyone involved!

Thank you all for your support through SMC marketing dollars – it is greatly appreciated and the charity uses the money at high leverage. Restore is operating in the GTA and are looking to expand across Canada.  If people are interested in learning more (or donating) the web URL is

Ian Sutcliffe, a Stratford Advisor, was the co-founder of Restore Canada and is an active Care Planner as well as a Board member.