Stratford delivers presentation on disruptive innovation to Aéro Montréal Innovation Group

On September 14th, Stratford Managers’ Chad Holliday, VP, Product Consulting and Natalie Giroux, Business Lead for Innovation Management presented to Aréo Montréal’s Innovation Working Group.  Challenged to find new disruptive innovations, Stratford provided Aéro Montréal with pragmatic and systematic ways to approach innovation and apply it in their organizations activities. Delivered by Chad, the presentation was titled “How to develop, harness and productize disruptive ideas faster” and covered various case studies that Chad has experienced in his career of innovation practices succeeding and failing. He left attendees with a list of actions items they could start doing in their organizations today to start seeing results.

If you’re interested in experiencing the presentation, please contact [email protected].

About Aéro Montréal Innovation Working Group

The Canadian industry is facing increased competition from emerging countries, such China and India, that are investing heavily in their manufacturing sectors. In addition, the global competitive landscape is now dominated by environmental protection and requires the development of more energy efficient and less pollutive aircraft. Therefore, Europe and the U.S. are investing heavily in new technologies for these aircraft.

To maintain its position, the Québec aerospace industry must intensify its efforts in innovation. It was with this in mind that Aéro Montréal created the Innovation Working Group in 2006. Composed of 18 R&D and innovation professionals, the Working Group has established an aerospace innovation strategy for Québec. It is also identifying and coordinating support projects for its strategy in collaboration with other organizations involved in innovation to ensure that the efforts of all players are optimized.