Stratford People & Culture featured in Ottawa Business Journal

Stratford People & Culture is featured in the Ottawa Business Journal in an article titled: “‘People-first strategy’ proves its worth during pandemic”.

The OBJ recently spoke to Colonnade Bridgeport about their work with Stratford’s senior HR consultant Laura Peddie and how she has been integral to implementing a business strategy that puts their people first and creates a culture of trust and accountability. Now months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura has helped the company pivot their HR processes to reflect the new work environment.

In the article, Colonnade Bridgeport CEO, Hugh Gorman says of his decision to bring Stratford onboard:

“As we began to expand our operations and bring on more people, we managed HR and did the right things to be a good employer, but we didn’t have a specific people strategy. We realized that we needed to be more thoughtful about it, but as a relatively small organization, we required some professional external support.”

Stratford People & Culture is focused on providing organizations with strategic and hands-on HR and leadership support in line with their business objectives and assisting companies with developing HR and talent management services to help them:

  • Build a robust talent pipeline;
  • Bridge the gaps with our blended learning solutions or have a member of Stratford step into an interim role;
  • Nurture and support leaders through leadership development, mentoring and coaching;
  • Plan ahead with succession planning and strategic HR roadmaps ;

Read the full OBJ article here.