Partnership | Carleton Launches Unique Intellectual Property Certificate for Startups, Starting with Digital Tech

This week Carleton University announced it is launching a certificate program for Intellectual Property Strategy, through it’s Sprott School of Business, aimed to improve IP literacy among the province’s entrepreneurs. The pilot course will begin March 24, 2021.

Stratford Intellectual Property is excited to share that it has partnered with Carleton University to deliver this unique offering, consisting of a 14 module course that is more than just IP 101.

From the Press Release:

It will teach practical skills and ensure that participating executives understand some of the common mistakes that companies make. And it will explain how to build a comprehensive IP strategy from the ground up.

“This is really about growing your business and the role that IP has in doing that,” says Natalie Giroux, [President of  Stratford Intellectual Property].

“IP is often not well understood, and many startups don’t even have an IP agreement between the founders and the company. If they file patents, and one founder leaves and refuses to sign future documents, then the IP is lost. Simple things like that are very often overlooked. The use of trade secrets is another example – no one knows how to deal with them, so they just ignore them.”

The Certificate in IP Strategy will help executives understand how fostering an IP-literate corporate culture can help protect IP and will address potential IP issues associated with common issues like working with external researchers, using open-source software and departing employees.

“The more intelligence that a company has around these issues, the easier it is to work with them, says Sandra Crocker, Carleton’s associate vice-president (Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships).“Having the right IP knowledge makes it easier to develop collaborative agreements.”

Read the full press release from Carleton University here.

Space is limited. If you are interested, please visit the Carleton website to fill out an application or to learn more details.